Today im taking my first real swedish test ! im kinda stressed, especially that i had totally forgotten about it and hence, didnt study at all…. It is a placement test to study at the university next year. Im kinda excited too.

painting by Crispin


it was tougher than i expected. We had to fill in blanks in textes picking from different different options…i didn’t know most of the words there 😦
My only hope is the 300 words essay we had to write about “what is important in a job? What is your dream job?”

Damn. Besviken. That word i know. Disappointed.

One thought on “Swediiiiish

  1. I hope your best guesses turn out to have been right. Even though you said you didn’t study I know you have been trying hard to learn Swedish as can be noted on all of your blog posts where you attempted the Swedish translations. I’m sure your 300 word essay was an interesting read even if it didn’t use the language perfectly. Wishing you luck on the outcome.

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