The epiphany

Saturday 28th was Stockholm Marathon. I only became aware of it when i hit the gym that morning. I stepped on the treadmill and looked at the screen above me and realized they were just starting. So i ran along with them, and ran and ran and ran…and for the very first time since i started running some months ago, i had to stop not because i was tired but because my class was starting. I ran 45 min and i wasn’t even that exhausted. I45 min might sound ridiculous for a lot of people, but for me it was something that was just unconceivable just 2 weeks ago. I felt super proud and super sharp and alive ! I felt i could accomplish everything !

One thought on “The epiphany

  1. Good on you mate! j’ai repris mes petites seances perso d’abdos/fessiers/yoga toute seule dans ma chambre…c’est pathetique mais mieux que rien si je veux continuer a manger du banana bread.

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