News flash

just learnt, through Facebook…, that my cousin was getting married. Im not blaming her for not telling me directly since 1) we are not that close, she is brittish (and by this i mean that we did not grow up together, not that i cannot get close to brittish people!) and last time i saw her we were 15 and 2) she probably sent a note to my parents about it…so i blame my parents.

Anyway, she is my age. My age exactly. And she is getting married when my major concern right now is finding out if the weather will be nice enough to go to the beach this weekend. I’m so confused. I’m also super happy for her. But really, so confused that 2 people sharing the same last name, the same blood, at least half of it, and that at one point also shared a desastrous fashion sense….could grow to have such different lives. But it’s great !!  HAPPY WEDDING DAY JENNIE !

Jennie, myself, nicola and Crispin in the back sitting.

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