High five i’m 25 !

Ok. Here it is. The big 25. Im 25 today. And it’s ooookey.  Weirdly enough it really is ok.

Here is the little story i tell everyone: since i was 14 years old i’ve always been bumped about my bday, never wanted to grow up. But today, it feels ok. It’s not that im excited about getting older, it’s just that life is gooood right now. Really good. So i’m looking ahead, excited about the future. I have wonderful memories, wonderful adventures behind me but i’m not bitter.

And to quote TAKE THAT “you can look back but don’t stare” which really coroborate Robbie W’s one “No regret, they don’t hear, no regrets no, they only hurts“.

Ok, enough quotes for dummies and now a little retrospective starting from my 21st bday (yes, it’s all about me, there is a reason one this blog is named Memoandmyself).

turning 21. Paris. Just got back from the US. Not the best period. 

Turning 22. Paris. Just started my Master. Missing my friends and älsling who’s back in Sweden.

turning 23. Paris. Starting to realize i’ll soon be done with my studies and that i can do whatever i want. Kinda scares me. 

Turning 24. Stockholm. Happy to live a new adventure. But missing älskling and my best friends.

Turning 25. Just happy.


And now i’m heading to Crete with my family !!!

One thought on “High five i’m 25 !

  1. Hmm you turn 24 twice, how lucky you are !
    A bit like my grandfather who is “twenty but it’s the fourth time”.

    Concerning me, I wish I stayed at 24, and not only because of train’s discount ^^

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