life is too short to not see SF twice !

My dear friends,

life is goooood. After a “forever long” trip from STHLM to SF i arrived safely (didnt even freak out in the plane, it was actually pretty cool) and totally sleep-deprived on Thursday around 1pm local time.

The city is just how i remembered it. Full of life, ups & downs, gorgeousviews, and somehow…with a little something that reminds you of Europe. Love it. It brings back so many memories of driving around USA with the girls…5 years ago…

On Friday we bicycled  over to Bridge to Sausalito, had lunch there, it’s just ADORABLE and then to  Tiburon to take the ferry back to the city…AWESOME !

was a bit foggy at first but got better pretty fast.


2 thoughts on “life is too short to not see SF twice !

  1. oh lalala 2 fois!j’y suis jamais allé!t la plus veinarde des framboise!je redecore la cave pour fr une surprise a muti : j’ai acheté 3 cadre de couleur et des coccinelles (j’en ai deja mis plein ds sa voiture) je v mettre la photo de toi et du pont ds un des cadre!elle va trop aimé!

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