life is too short to stop walking

on Saturday morning i took a guided tour with a kinda crazy/very knowledgable/ super fast walking guide. I had a blast. I love walking, i love walking thru cities, i love walking fast and i love stories about buildings and streets.


Then i met Dave and his mom and we went thru the Chinese district where they had a huge celebration….after about 30 minutes we were all craving for chinese food and ended up in a small restaurant where we stuffed ourselves with delicious weird looking asian food.

Then we went thru another festival in the italian district ! We climbed all the way to Hyde street to see the cable car go down and took about 1,5 billion pictures, of course we went down and up the Lombard street along with 80 other tourists.

Yeah for our matching outfits…

We walked down th the pier, shopped a bit, had a delicious crêpes and took the cable car back to to hotel. After one last drink it was time for Dave’s mom to pack and go to bed to be up at 7 and catch her flight back to STHLM.

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