life is too short to not be in love with Sasha Powers

On Monday 12th we flew Virgin America (Aweeesome btw) to Seattle. We watched the end of the US Open final, HELL YEAH NOVAK !

 When we arrived one and a half hour later,  Sasha Powers was waiting for us. How do i even begin to explain Sasha Powers?
First of all she wasn t just waiting for us she was waiting for us with bags of M&Ms and bottles of Mountain Dew. I mean heeeellooo perfection.

We group hugged forever, and i havent stopped smiling since then. We drove downtown. Seattle looks pretty cool. We ate at a super yummy thai restaurant, we realized that we’re gonna have to learn Seattle english, those people speak weiiird with a mouse voice.  And then, ooooo, we went to the chocolate factory for dessert and i got something called 3 lollies or something OMG it was amazing. It’s basically 2 oreo cookies pressed together covered in caramel and chocolate on a stick, or in my world, HEAVEN on a stick.

The evening ended laying on a very comfty floor watching stupid tv, playing with a cat named Fou. Life is gooooooooooooooooooood.


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