Life is too short to stop wandering

While Dave was taking Mrs Mom to the airport i took a run up (OMG up) and down the streets of SF and along the Pier, it felt awesome. Partly i guess thanks to The Hanson brothers screaming MMm Bop in my ears but also for the scenery of the early sunny Sunday morning in SF. 10 years ago it was the end of the world, well, if it wasn’t for the few banners here and there and the headlines of the newpapers in the stores,  you could not guess what was in everyone’s mind today.

We spent the day wandering in the Castro, we litteraly bumped into Harvey Milk’s old store and i got super excited, walked to Haight and the hippie area, into the Golden Gate Park, arrived there just at the beginning of a Memorial Concert, had an ice cream by the Japonese Garden and just walked down to the Palace of fine arts, maybe one of my favorite places here, so out of place, and we even saw the bridge.

We had dinner at the Rain Forest café and as it should be, it was AWESOME. The food, the atmosphere, the drinks, we were seated, of course, in the gorillas area Yeah ! After that i had some room left for a wonderful wathever it’s called chocolate from the Chocolate heaven at Pier 39 and it was time to fall asleep after 8 hours of wandering in SF.



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