life is too short to stop eating

We went out for diner with some of Sash’s friends on Thursday night, we went to this really nice restaurant downtown called Purple specialized in wine and cheese…helloooooo. You could order 3 different wine to taste for 14 dollars !

After diner we wanted to go have some drinks in a bar but we could not get in cause we did not have our passports and apparently our ID were not enough to prove we were over 21…seems like the state of Washington is super strict about this.

Friday morning we decided to start working out for real and started Jillian Michaels’s 30 days work out video ! YEAH, for real.

And after as a reward, i made crepes !!! YUMMY !

Then Sash and i got manucures and pedicures !!!! Soooo awesome, just like in the movies, one woman taking care of my feet, another one doing my nails, chatting with Sash about a stupid TV show on tv…it felt unreal. She even got me to wax my eyebrows….Hurts like hell but…well it DOES look much better.

Then we went up the highest building in Seattle, the Colombian Center, much higher, and cheaper, than the Space Needle.


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