Life is too short to not see Vancouver !

So yesterday (tuesday) we took a little roadtrip (2h) to Vancouver ! It was my first time in Canada, pretty exciting.

The day before, Sash and i had watched a pretty scary documentary about a family on a roadtrip in Oregon taking a wrong turn and being snowned in for 9 days…so we were really careful telling everyone where we were going and we packed extra food just in case. But everything went well. And we spent a very nice, sunny day in Vancouver. It’s a really cute city. Kinda reminds you of NY  somehow.

 so first stop was breakfast of course. And then we tried to walk it off in the city center while shopping.

Walked in the old city, Gastown. Apparently that’s a famous steam clock that “sings” every quarter…

…took a walk in the Chinese corner…

…took a walk in Stanley park and saw some weird/funny indian poles…

…made some friends…

…got scared we had droven to Copenhagen for a minute…

…and enjoyed the views.

We got kinda stressed at the border for some reason and well…the guy started to ask all storts of questions, to speak french, and then, kinda accused me of ripping off stuff from my passport and we had to park and get double checked. But we eventually made it !! yeah ! America !


2 thoughts on “Life is too short to not see Vancouver !

  1. I’ve always wanted to visit Vancouver myself but never have. Your border crossing sounds a bit scary – I’ve never gotten a passport and traveled outside the U.S. before. I’m such a chicken. Vancouver looks beautiful with good food and plenty of things to see. The First Nation Totem-Poles are beautiful – I don’t know the meanings of all the carvings but I know they say something. Those raccoons looked pretty bold – they often are – cute looking but with sharp claws and teeth. I’ve heard good things about Vancouver – maybe in a year or two. Glad you enjoyed it. So you’re here in the U.S. now? I’m on the East Coast and it’s the beginning of fall but still nice.

  2. pocahantas, la petite sirene et new york police speciale (avec les faux papiers de sasha!) en un article..bravo tu fais tres fort!je sors du boulot (distribution de voila (bientot) riche

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