Life is too short to finish a Volcano

In 2006, while studying in Arkansas, Älskling and i and a bunch of friends took a 3 days trip to Chicago. After wandering in the windy streets for hours we were starving and couldn t find a restaurant that matched everyone’s taste. After hours of despare, we ended up in a weird jungle store selling jungle stuffed animals, plates and clothes…it was a restaurant. It was the Rain Forest Café. It turned out to be an amazing night/experience we all remember. The Rain Forest Café restaurant is a chain and we’ve been trying to go everytime we could try a new one. We went to SF last week and Wednesday night we ate at the one in Seattle !

For desert, their speciality is the Volcano… let’s just say it’s not something you order for yourself…or even for 2 people…it’s HUGE ! and delicious…until it starts to feel really disgusting cause your sooo full but can’t stop eating. Thank God for doggybags ! We are still working on it…

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