life is too short: eat, kayak, fair and…BEAR.


So Saturday was crazy busy/awesome. We got up early to go and get breakfast at Le fournil, a really good french bakery, we had a picnic breakfast by the water and then rented kayaks and paddled on Lake Union where you got really nice views of the city and we even got to see Sleeping in Seattle  boathouses.

Then we drove to Mont Rainer which is in the middle of a georgous national park. We walked around for a while, it was really beautiful/scary cause they had signs at the entrance of the park saying beware of bears and then they give you a little brochure telling you what to do in case of an encounter with a bear…(apparently you shouldnt run). After a while though we all relaxed, realizing that there was quite a lote of people on these paths.

We got back in the car and drove up and had to stop  because right in the middle of road was….A BEAR.  A FREAKING BEAR ! Well actually a bear cup. OMG we totally freaked out. We didn’t know what to do so just sat there and screamed forever until he/she finally figured out which way he/she should take back in the forest. It was the first time in our lives we saw a bear not behind bars, for all of us. It was amazing. And it took us hours to actually stop shaking. And we are still not over it.

We also freaked out and got quite reluctant to leave the car afterwards.

After that it was time for The Puyallup fair !

And that once again proves that my favorite saying “everything happens for a reason” works. I had lready given my credit card and just when the cashier was giving it back to me saying it was not working…bang ! A lady who was leaving the fair gave us free tickets !

So you think a fair, we have that in Europe right? Well no. Not quite exactly like that. This one was FREAKING HUGE and they had CRAZY rides and food everywhere and even animals from all over the world ! We got to try something called Funnel cake which is, and im quoting Sash, “the lazy version of spanish churros“.

Sash and i went on this one that seemed really ok at first and kinda make us regret we stopped by Sonic just before afterwards. Let’s take a moment to explain Sonic to those of you who thought, like me up until yesterday, that Sonic was just a a very fast blue hedgehog. Sonic is a drive-in fast food, you stop at a booth, order your food and they come out to you on the parking lot on ROLLER BLADES !!!!!!!!!!!

Dave did this one. Just a giant loop going on and on and on. Ridiculously crazy.

The last one we did was AWESOME ! It’s hard to imagine but it’s just  like paragliding  !!!!

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