Life is too short, chocolate is good for your health

on Sunday Sash and i spent the day in Fremont while Alskling was at a football game downtown Seattle. Fremont is a really nice suburb of Seattle and we got there right on time for a nice flea market !  There was also a 5k organized that morning and weirdly enough an Oktoberfest party…and you could see 5k contestant pass the line and go right to the beer booth…at 10am..pretty disturbing.

But the real reason why we were in Fremont was not the cute market, the giant and quite inapropriate statue of Lenine, the super good thai food, not even what appears to be the center of the universe…


…but for the Theo Chocolate Factory tour !

It was super cool ! We got to learn a lot about chocolate, to see how it’s down from the seed to the delicious chocolate bar, but most importantly, we got to taste it. Oh yummy. Fun fact, the guide had studied in Uppsala. I didnt know Uppsala university had a “chocolate factory tour guide” program, definitly interested.

Once we had tried on many different chocolate, bought some more at the store and went thru a quite powerful sugar rush on the drive home, we decided to to bake a crumble.

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