Life is too short to not stop by Amsterdam

Cannot believe our last in day the US, and with Sash has arrived. I kinda started to think i lived here, we had created our little routine and it felt just right…

So for our last breakfast we went to Ihop, i had not been there in 5 years and it was as yummy as i remembered it.

After that it was time to part unfortunatly, time to promise each other that we will not let 2 years go before we meet again this time, time to check in our super heavy, but not overweight, bags.

The plan of trying not to sleep much the night before to sleep on the plane in order to not be too jet lagged didnt work. I ended up watching Limitless, which i found endless, really disapointing, Soul Surfer and Lincoln Laywer, really good.

Then we had a long layover in Amsterdam and despite being super tired we went out to discover the city. The airport being just 15 minutes away by train, it was pretty convenient. The sun was shinning the whole day it was super nice. Amsterdam is ADORABLE. We hadn t really prepared so we just walked around byt the water, checked out the red light district, quite active despite the early hour, Anne Frank’s house, the flower market…and we had a super nice lunch under the sun just by the water..perfect.

Dave’s layover was longer than mine so i took the plane back to STHLM by myself at 5 and got the chance to sit behind an “adorable” toddler who litteraly poured her apple juice in my new shoes. Love.Kids.


2 thoughts on “Life is too short to not stop by Amsterdam

  1. if you comed one day before (that is today, two minutes ago) you would try my new recipe of bread with rice (i didn’t know what to do about it, and as it was in the fridge from a long time, i think i was not the only one in the family with this problem) it’s just sooo goood in a bread machine is magic : you can put what you want inside and … it’s cooked!

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