Life is too short but you can’t have too many friends

I have about a week in Paris and as always it feels like i have no time to see everyone and it makes me sad ! I miss my family and friends so much when i’m in Stockholm and it sucks to have only a few hours with them to catch up, but it’s better than nothing and we always make the best of it !

So Sunday, home made brunch with the EMT gang !

I hade made some more chocolate and peanut butter cupcakes, unfortunatly i forgot the recipe in Sthlm so they were not as wonderful as the first time but still pretty eatable.

Everyone had brought something really yummy, and Gui treated us with his famous m&m’s cheesecake ! It was great to see each other again and to watch ridiculous shows on tv (les mystères de l’amour).

On Monday i spent the afternoon with Amandine. First we had a picnic by the Seine and then a Cupcake workshop ! It was so much fun !

In the evening i met Aïda and Marine in Paris where they both live for now. It was a really nice and warm evening so we took chinese food and ate by Notre Dame, walked around in St Michel, had an icecream and a free massage !


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