Life is too short, “enjoy life, respect nature, love bags”

This post would have started with “OMG OMG OGM OMG OMG” if i had written it on Saturday, but it’s Tuesday and i had a little time to diggest the info, so i’ll just say it once “OMG”.

I don’t know if you’re familiar with the brand Lancel, but a little while ago they launched a new bag inspired by Brigitte Bardot. I love bags, and i’ve always really liked the Lancel bags but this one, i just fell for it. It was love at first sight. My friend Amandine and I both loved it and we started to discuss the idea of getting one for our 25 bday and share it. Yeah cause, minor detail, it’s 800 euros. But even shared, it was way too much money for us to spend on a bag, even this one. So we slowly got over it.

Until…Saturday. I got home from Stockholm and Crispin said ” Amandine dropped this off for you“. I read the card that said “We are not 25 everyday, it is yours for a week” (she had rented it). And it was it. The BB bag. I could not breath. I could not believe i was allowed to touch it (yeah they don’t really let you do that in the stores), carry it, kiss it, take it with me everywhere for a whole week !!!  This is seriously one of the best present ever !!!!! Im still quite shaken, every morning, when i wake up and see it …

I know what you might think. It’s just a bag. Nope, for me it’s more than a bag. It’s a concept. Plus, now, it’s way much more than that. It’s the symbol of our friendship. Nothing is impossible.



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