Life is too short, so is my memory

so i’m in Madrid. Just woke up from my first night here. The hostel is nice, great location. No intimacy whatsoever but it’s not really what you look for in a hostel. Hopefully i’ll find a place soon. That’s the plan for today anyway. So i live with 5 other people including one from Australia whose accent is hard to pick up. I mentioned how warm it was and one girl looked at me weirdly and asked “are you coming from one of those north countries?”  as a matter of fact i am.

(me, the balcony, my hair, my bed on the left)

Yesterday was a bit tough. Realizing that i was here, and most importantly that i was by myself. Loneliness is harder than i thought it would be…but i guess it’s the first days symptoms.

So, my spanish sucks. Everytime i manage to ask something in spanish, once they answered my brain switches to swedish. I have to worst memory. Can’t even remember the most simple words. I guess it will come back eventually.

Things that were easy:
– getting from the airport to the city
– getting a phone

Things that were not easy:
– finding the hostel (but only because i was looking on the wrong side of the street, aaaa odd numbers !)
– finding a supermarket
– speaking spanish

You may have notice that my hair also got shorter. On one side of the baltic sea you might say i did “a Cindy” and on the other side “a Delphine“. True, they both inspired me. I also did something i’ve been wanting to do for years and never really had to guts to do, except once when i was 17 and it turned out to be a disaster. I figured, i’ll be away for a while, let’s give it a try. I’m pretty happy with it. It’s gonna take time getting used to but it’s quite convenient !!


4 thoughts on “Life is too short, so is my memory

  1. gorgeous putain! bonne chance à Madrid, t’avais eu mon texto en fin de semaine sur ton swedish portable?
    Elle vient d’où l’Aussie girl?

  2. du ser otroligt fin ut 🙂 contente d’avoir pu participer te faire “sauter le pas” 🙂 Tu l’as fait avec brio qui plus est !!
    J’espère que l’espagnol revient gentiment 🙂 Gros bisous et à très vite !

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