life is too short, apartment hunting is not so fun !

so i spent my weekend online checking ads, calling, struggling with what’s left of my 8 years of spanish (nothing) and walking and getting lost in the streets of Madrid. Seriously, at one point i was so lost the woman i asked my way to actually said “euh, if you continue down this road you re gonna leave Madrid” !

No luck so far. it’s either, tiny, too expensive, or with roomates twice my age. It’s not as fun as i thought it would be. I m not really enjoying the uncertainty. Especially with my classes starting tomorrow.

On the bright side, i kicked myself in the bottom (thanks Crispin) and forced myself to be outgoing, and it paid off. I met a super nice guy who’s been nothing but helpful the last days. Yesterday night he took me and an australian girl out to an awesome tapas bar where we had sangrias, he showed us the oldest restaurant in the world ! (Guiness book of records) and today he lent me his phone the whole day today to call for apartments cause mine didnt work. One more visit tonight. fingers crossed everyone.

yes, it’s a pig leg.


2 thoughts on “life is too short, apartment hunting is not so fun !

  1. I’m definitely texting my friend Rocio for good tonight.
    Good luck with the place hunting Mo, I’m even crossing my toes. 🙂

  2. as we said here (but in spanish) “mucha MMMMiiiiiiiiiiieerrrda caramba!!!!!!”
    Mes restes d’espagnol…. ^^

    ps:envoie moi ta newsletter sur cette adresse là Gracias chica !!!!!

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