life is too short, get yourself a nice culture shock

i’m not really good at giving news lately, the main reason is that im still looking for a place to live until the end of the year. So i’m not doing much more than calling people and visiting apartments trying not to get lost in the city.

However, i got to see some stuff already. It’s fun how i always consider Europe as a whole, and never really think about how different each country that make Europe really are. After 2 years in Sweden my first 4 days in Madrid have been… well first of all hot, the weather is wonderful, between 25 and 30 degres all the time ! And then, crazy. Everything here is…crazy. It’s like a huge hubbub. Just the time people eat really confuses me and my stomach. In France i had diner around 8 pm, when i moved to Stockholm i started to eat around 6h30-7h. Here… it seems like whenever after 9 is a good time for diner or tapas ( omg tapas).  I thought i was living in a really busy street in Stockholm, well try walking in the streets of La Latina on Saturday night…that’s busy.
Anyway, im sure i still have tones of things to discover. And i can’t wait.

To finish, i wish to dedicate those 2 pics to the EMT members.


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