life is too short, move in with total strangers !

October 12th might be Spain’s national day, for me it will stay as the day i found a place to live.

It has a normal size, a big bed and a window (which apparently is not required in bedrooms here). I visited 9 rooms since Friday and seriously some of them really scared the hell out of me. Now i’m settled. Didn’t take much time since i didn’t have much with me. It feels…well good in a way but also very weird. Like…after this feeling of relief “i found a place!” there was this feeling of “i don’t know those people !” and ” i miss my cosy flat in the heart of Sthlm”.

I guess i just have to get used to it. Get to kow them. I live with 3 spanish guys, didn’t get to really hang out with them yet but they have been really nice and helpful so far. And they speak spanish to me which is exactly what i was looking for. All i say is “si, si, si” they must think im retarted but that’s always how you feel at the beginning. Right?

Good thing 3 fellows students from my school invited me for drinks and tapas tonight, gave me the opportunity to stop thinking too much. It was really nice ! looking forward to more of these tapas nights !


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