Life is too short, do as Chuck Bass does.

I finally got to watch the first episodes of season 5 of Gossip Girl. And Chuck Bass says his new way of life is to say YES to every opportunity. So i tried that today. After class some students asked me if i had ever tried Brasilian food and if i wanted to have lunch with them in a Brasilian restaurant. So i said YES. We sat and i was waiting for the menu but they just started bringing food and food and more food. And soooo much meat, i had no idea there were so many different kind of meat. I even tried chicken heart. Didn’t like it so much. Actually im not a big fan of meat in general. But this place was nice. Meat lovers, Brasil is your heaven.

At night i was invited to the birthday celebration of a friend of a friend. I was a little worried at first, not knowing anyone, not even the bday girl, but i said YES and went.  Turned out it was really nice. Everybody was really nice. I even got to speak some spanish and people understood me.

Another big accomplishement for Friday, i sewed. As it happens from time to time when you move to a foreign country, you get completly lost and confused about the stupidiest things. Exemple: bying a blancket. Couldn’t find one under 50 euros ! How is that possible? don’t ask me.So i bought 3 small fleece blankets and decided to sew them together. Took me hours but i did it. It looks super weird but i was warm tonight. Yeah.

Ok now i need to study some spanish. Verbs. Grammar. and more lovely stuff.

Sorry i haven’t been taking much pics lately. I’ll get better.


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