Life is too short, believe in fairy tales.

While checking for stuff to do and see in Madrid, i came across the Cinematica Cine Doré, i cheked their program and realized they were dedicating the month of October to Jacques Demy and showing Peau d’âne (Donkey skin) at 5.30 that day, for 2,5euros ! I got really excited cause as a kid i loooooved this movie. But this time…it was like re discovering it all over again,  like everything finally made sense you know? I was finally old enough and mature enough (sure) to truly understand all the hidden messages of thi crazy adaptation of Perrault’s tale.

Trying to explain the story would just make it sound creepy and super tacky. I think you either love it or hate it. I totally re fell in love with it yesterday. And with Jacques Perrin who’s playing the prince. And Jean Marais…the king. And the dresses ! And the songs are stucked in my head now, …yeah, it’s partly a musical too (try this one). Told you, it’s awesome.

The cinema itself is adorable. I think i’m gonna go there a lot !

LAter that night i met my classmate Minako at the store she works in as a designer for a jam session with her colleagues and friends. It was super nice. The store she works in is so tiny and so…original, they fix bikes, creat leather bike seats, leather bags, leather wallets, sell caps and scarfs…it’s a wonderful mess ! 


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