Life is too short, adapt fast but don’t forget the basics

Sundays in my family are sacred. Nothing to do with religion here. But everything to do with the passion for “taking it easy” combine with a passion for pastries and bread. Every Sunday we get up, get magazines, baguette, croissants and other delicious stuff and just eat and read until it’s time for a new activity (usually when the dog says it’s time to take a walk).

I took that tradition with me when i moved to Stockholm and Yesterday i got up, determined to not stop walking until i find a bakery. Turns out i didn’t have to walk far. Got home pretty satisfied with a baguette and a Cosmo magazine. Might have to walk a bit further next time though cause the baguette wasn’t that wonderful. But still. Of course it’s not really the same without my family around, my dog waiting for some crumbs to fall or with älskling eating his weird fish sandwishs next to me. But still.

After that, and doing some nothing for a while, i took a little walk downtown, got a little lost and discovered an adorable tiny café/secondhand bookstore and had a fika/goûter/almuerzo and tried to read some spanish.

Nice lazy Sunday, still under 30 degres.


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