Life is too short, keep on brunching

If there is one thing i need to feel at home somewhere, it is to find a good place to brunch.
I think i did. It’s that small café i was in last week, with the second hand books and the odd furnitures. They have a really nice brunch for a very resonable price and a glace of wine which is so “chic” ! It’s not a buffet so you can’t stuff yourself like a pig which…i guess is both a good and a bad thing.

After walking around a bit we found ourselves in the middle of the San Miguel market which is a wonderful/crazy place especially on weekends with all the spanish food you can ever ask for. So, of course, we had a cake. Mango & Chocolate. Mamamia. even the first rain drops didn’t prevent us from enjoying ourselves.

At 4 i went to see my very first movie in spanish in a theater. One Day…it took a well to get used to the voices and the speed, good thing i had read the book before. The movie was bad, but we came out pretty proud of ourselves.

After that, we went to the theater ! We had gotten free tickets from a waiter earlier that week for the play “La alegria de vivir“, in spanish por favor ! It wasn’t has terribly difficult to understand as i thought it would be, but i have to admit i was pretty tired from my day and it demanded quite a lot of concentration. Some of the actors were really good and i even laught once or twice, i almost understand spanish humour !


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