Life is too short, watch and learn

First day of crappy weather yesterday. But that didn’t stop me. I had decided i wanted to see some places so i went. Under the rain.

First stop, the library Escuelas Pias in the Lavapies Bario….it’s a very old church from the 18th century and it’s georgous. You need to get a member card to get in though…so a member i’ll become 😉

Then, La Casa encendida. It’s a big cultural center with free exhibitions everywhere, art courses, languages courses, conferences…i loved the atmosphere. Went up to the roof and saw an exhibition about Migrations in the world. Super intressting. Then i kinda bumped into a lady who told me all about becoming a volonteer in different organizations in Madrid and she kinda caugth my attention.

On my way back i stopped once again at the librairy/café La libre to buy the book i had started the first time i went there “Crepusculo en Oslo” for 1euros and passed in front of an art galery (Galeria 28012) which had an exhibition about Absolut Vodka and how art and publicity work great together. Very cool.


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