Life is too short, share your traditions

Eating Crêpes is a tradition at home. Not only because some obscure ancestors of my dad were born in the region of Bretagne, but because it’s just freaking delicious.

It’s one of, if not the only, thing that i can make. When we were kids, our parents started the tradition to make crêpes every Tuesday night. When i moved to Stockholm i tried to bring it with me but our kitchen is so tiny i have to admit i kinda gave up. But still, once in a while i treat myself.

So this Tuesday i thought it would be a good idea for an afternoon activity with 3 friends from my class. I had prepared the dough in the morning, we had bought 3 different kind of cheese, ham, eggs, and of course sugar, nutella, bananas and jam. And some spanish wine.

It was indeed really nice. Helped me feel more “at home”.

Afterwards i made some more for my roomates and i think i gained plus points there. They kept coming into my room to tell me how yummy and how many they had taken.


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