Life is too short, work on your issues

My name is Mo and i’m a shopaholic. It’s true. I love shopping. Not just shopping in general. I couldn’t care less about a pair of pants for example. But when it comes to dresses. I get crazy. In STHLM i used to fall in love with a new dress every week…and most of the time…i would end up bying it. I would feel a little bad of course, especially if it was expensive, but soon i would forget all about it and wear it with excitment.

Moving here, i told myself this had to stop. I do not have a job anymore, im living on my savings, i came here to learn the language, the culture, not to end up paying 200 euros in overweight at the airport on my way back.
The first 2 weeks i did really really good, didn’t even get IN a store. But this week, it started to get really cold and i HAD to get a scarf and a new sweater…and it all came back to me. I saw a georgous dress…touched it, put it front of me in the mirror, looked at it…and put it back.

And today, even worth, i went to Primark. I should be thrilled because it’s a store i ADORE and that we do not have, either in France or Sweden. But now i think it’s gonna become my worst enemy. Spent about 1h there…and spotted about a 100 stuff i want.

Was strong enough to only buy what i needed though, sheets, how exciting.


One thought on “Life is too short, work on your issues

  1. Mo!!!! Hiiiii! 🙂 wow that was a long time ago ! So nice to read your blog again ! 🙂 And WOW YOUR SWEDISH is SOOO GOOD now !! 🙂 High 5 to that ! 🙂
    Haha, I looove shopping too, I just can’t not do it ! ^^

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