Life is too short, know your audience

Ok so i’ve been in Madrid for 3 weeks now. What can i tell you about it, and about spanish people?

I’m still learning. But i already noticed some stuff:

spanish people stare. Not just a furtive look, they stare at you, especially in the subway. Pretty strange. But convenient. Don’t have to feel bad for doing it too, like i usually feel in Sweden.

spanish people eat at crazy hours. Moving to Sweden i adapted a bit and started to have diner earlier than in France (around 8), that is to say, around 6h30, 7. I actually felt better afterwards. But here, i don’t think i’ll ever be able to adapt. My roomates start making diner at 10h30 pm. And lunch is not before 2. I feel like im always hungry…and jet lagged.

there are tapas, and tapas. In some places you’ll get a tiny piece of bread with some cheese on it with your beer, in some other, you’ll get HUGE God knows why and it will taste delicious ! And fill you up like diner !

working hours do not make any sense (to me at least). Serious. I m still not sure i understand the timetables of my roomates. They leave aroun 8 or 8h30 in the morning, some come back for lunch at 2pm, and then they don’t come back before 9pm…and even work saturday and sunday… some stores close from 3 to 5…and re open later…it’s like there is no “normal office hours” and it’s super confusing for me.

– as a consequence, the metro is always packed.  “Rush hours” do not seem to exist. It’s just allways full of people going somewhere.

Halloween is bigger than in France and Sweden.

Annoying, uneducated youngsters are an international plague. Here too some stupid kids think it make them cool to listen to really bad music really loud in the metro. Here too people are annoyed but too scared to say anything.

people are loud, welcoming and nice, in an almost brutal way.

– here too movies are dubbed. I usually hate that but right now it’s awesome for me!

– they seem to have a lot of public holidays and all sorts of traditional cookies that come with it !! Love the idea.

– After Paris and Stockholm it’s almost impossible to conceive the idea of enjoying a snack and a glass of wine for 3 euros. Here it’s a Sunday night.

…and im sure there’ll be more to come ;-p

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