Life is too short, do what you do best

As far as i’m concerned: “being french”.

Don’t know if it’s just a phase but there seems to be some kind of Halloween revival in Europe. At least here in Madrid. 
We spent the last two days wondering how we could dress cause frankly none of us wanted to spend money on a costume and more importantly, none of us had room in her suitcase to bring it back home.

We struggled for a while but quickly realize we just had to make it simple. And it turned out well, at least our costumes were different from the 20 pirates, 14 demons, 20 angels or 5 Black Swans of the evening.

Ok let’s face it, my outfit as a “french stereotype” was just an excuse to finally use my georgous shoes, bought in SF almost 2 months ago and that i can never wear because … well, they do not really fit with the clothes i took  with me here…plus, it’s really hard to walk on the cobblestones streets of Madrid.

So this outfit cost me 1 euro, for  a fake cigarette at Tiger. Well, actually 1,90 euros, i had bought a baguette but kinda ate half of it before the party.


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