Life is too short, live in a Disney movie

On Saturday, Claire and I spent the day in Segovia, an adorable town 1h15 away from Madrid by bus.

Segovia, just the name makes me feel like i’m entering a fairy tale. It’s on top of a very small hill, and on one end of the town, a castle stands. Not just a regular castle. A princess castle. It has been said, and written, that the Segovia castle (the Alcazar) partly inspired the architects of the DisneyLand’s castle.

It’s famous for its Cathedral, which is georgous from the outside, but to be honest, just too big from the inside. It loses a bit of its “soul” if i may say. But the Patio is beautiful !

But also for  its jewish corner, with a lot of tiny nice streets, and of course, the aqueduct built by the Romans ,without any kind of  binding the stones being simply put on top of eac other, …a very long time ago. Since 1985 it has been part of the world heritage list.

Foodwise, Segovia is known for its Cuchinillos (tiny pigs), but Claire and i are not huge meat fan and we prefered some bocadillos de tortillas with sangria 😉


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