Life is too short, demand the best

One of the speciality here is “chocolate con churros”. I’m all for it. But the thing is, after years of  Angelina‘s wonderful hot chocolate, i really think it will be hard to find the chocolate here that i’ll appraciate half as much.
But i’m giving it a try, with some help from my classmates.
It seems like there are 3 places supposed to be the best in the city. We already tried 2.

San Ginés- Pasadizo de San Ginés. Which is a really nice place and is open 24/7. But to be honest, the chocolate didn’t taste much like anything. This week Claire and i went to the chocolateria Valor, Postigo de San Martin. The chocolate tasted reaaaaally good. There you can pick different taste, like chocolate and orange, chocolate and cinamon…yummy.

One more place to try, so far, Valor wins…but Angelina is still number 1 in my heart.


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