Life is too short, let people in.

So lately i have been sick / and i forgot my camera at Masiel’s last Saturday, hence, the lack of posts.

Last weekend i was invited by Masiel at her appartment for lunch.  We met on Couch Surfing, she is from Chile, has been living and working here 5 years and she really is one of the sweetest girl ever!
I hade decided to make a cake. I chose to do a crumble cause according to Crispin it’s one of the easiest thing to do, even for me.
Well, it was easy until i realized the guys i lived with didn’t have any pan that could be put in the oven. I had to use some kind of pasta dish, hence the super weird shape of my cake. 😦

Masiel and her boyfriend had 7 other friends from Chile over, we all gathered around 3pm and enjoyed Masiel’s bf food. It was delicious. And it also was the longest lunch in my life. But in a good way. When i left at 21H45 because i was feeling really tired (having to concentrate really hard to understand and talk the whole time) they were about to start singing and play guitare ! The atmosphere was amazing, it was like they were re creating a family here in Madrid. And it’s exactly the kind of atmosphere i ‘ve been missing lately 🙂


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