Life is too short, but there’s never enough bank holiday.

I think i picked the best semester to study spanish in Madrid. Well…not studywise…but “bank holiday” wise. Since i arrived about a month ago…i already had 3 days off and i know for sure at least 2 more are coming up in December. What’s funny is that yesterday for example was a day off but only in Madrid ! Each region/city can have their own days off ! I love the idea.

Anyway, so Wednesday was off in Madrid because it was the day of the Virgin of Almuneda. If you say so. Claire and i took the opportunity to have a look at Salamanca despite the bad weather. We took a but at 8h30 and arrived there about 3h later.

The old Salamanca is really great. All the buildings are worth looking at, you can feel while walking that every tiny street is full of history and knowledge. It is after where we can find the oldest uni in Spain, the  University of Salamanca, 1134. It’s super famous eventhough it’s not really high in the rankings nowadays and it makes it a very young/student city where you can hear every languages.

Salamanca has a loooot fo churches and you guys know, i’m a fan. There are especially 2 cathedrals, “the old” and “the new” and the fun fact is that you come in the old one thru the new one. Other fun fact, in 1993 when they were restauring the new church one of the worker got the awesome idea of sculpting a small astonaut !!!! And now it’s a game to try and find it !

A similar game, it’s the tradition to look for the tiny frog sculpted on the main door of the University. If you find it, you’ll get luck in your studies. We had some troubles finding where to look at first, (the walls of the whole city kinda look alike !) but we managed !

When it started to rain really hard we found a Valor chocolateria ! How lucky !



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