Life is too short, surround yourself with the bests.

with your best friends.

I would say i have a normal amount of friends. I have some really good friends. I have some really special friends. And i have the EMT.

How do i even begin to explain the EMT? I don’t think i can. To be brief, it’s started in the 2nd year of Uni 2006. 3 girls and 2 guys who had picked the same path but were not really sure why. 5 people who didn’t really have a life plan but enjoyed the every day little pleasure, good food, stupid movies and laughing. A LOT.

It’s been almost 5 years, we all left the Uni now, some moved to another country, some found a job…we don’t see each other everyday anymore…but we still are the EMT (with an additional member now, älskling). We still laugh, we still love each other and we miss each other like crazy.

This weekend, one of them was visiting. And it was, Awesome. As it should be.

Great food.

Good drinks

Lots shopping and site seeing


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