Life is too short, share secrets

A not so secret garden.

On Wednesday some girls from my class invited me to join them to have a hot chocolate at El Jardin Secreto not far from our school. Wooa. it was love at first sight. It’s exactly the kind of place i had been missing here, exactly the kind of place i love and that remind me of some cafés in Stockholm. The atmosphere is so warm and nice and this is mostly due to the nice crew and their…totally crazy sense of decoration.

They have a very long list of different kind of hot chocolate that they serve you with tiny bear shaped cookies or flowers

and when you ask for the check, they give you lollipops !!

I was so excited about the place that älskling (who was visiting last weekend) and i had diner there on Friday night. It was great. We had an adorable little table by the window, and thanks to the way they arranged the place it felt like we were there alone when the restaurant was full. The food was really good and absolutly affordable, and they have a list of chocolate deserts that makes me wanna cry of happiness.


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