Life is too short, celebrate all the holidays !

Even the ones that have nothing to do with your culture or country. Such as, Thanksgiving, or Dia de accion de gracia as they say here.
I love this celebration. I love how it is centered around 1) family and 2) food.

This year i got to celebrate it with my friend Claire (from the state of Washington, not the city) and other people from all over the world. It was…a lot of improvisation … and a lot of fun !
First i had planed on baking a pumpkin pie … but it turned out we couldn t find the main ingredients… including pumpkin in cans which, according to the faces of the salespersons, does not exist in Spain.
So i decided to bake a regular cake with strawberries and a lot of chocolate of course.
Well…turned out i under estimated the ability of my oven to burn absolutly everything you put inside. My cake was a desaster. But it was Thanksgiving and there was no way i was giving up. So inspired by Crispin who always seem to be able to make something out of …nothing, i cut the cake in little pieces, scraped the burn parts, covered everything in melted chocolate, hadded M&M”s, tiny kinder eggs, strawberries and gingerbread cookies…and honestly it looked pretty cool !

Claire, on the other hand totally mastered the Sweet Potatoes Soufflet eventhough we are 89% sure what we bought were not sweet potatoes. What the hell, it was freaking yummy.


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