Life is too short, never underestimate the power of 2 euros

I don’t think im cheap. I m more the kind of girl who’s gonna indulge herself in buying a new dress or a piece of cake eventhough she shoudln’t…but im not a crazy spender either, meaning im not gonna spend money i don’t have.
I never really thought about what a difference 2 euros could make. (well sure, with 2 euros a homeless person can buy something to eat and without he/she goes hugnry, but that’s not my topic).

Yesterday we’ve been to a restaurant for lunch with a bunch of people from my school. One of the many restaurants in Madrid offering 10 euros 3 courses lunch with drink and bread. Love the idea. It usually is a lot of food. Cause here, a 3 courses lunch doesn’t seem to mean “a light entrée” and a main dish. No, it’s basically 2 big main dishes. Plus desert. Plus bread. And since i can’t say no to either bread nor desert and that i’ll eat whatever many plates you bring me…i usually leave those places with the feeling that i’m gonna give birth any seconds. 
Yesterday was like that but if felt like something was missing. The place was…normal, not cute, nothing special, the Tinto de Verano was too strong, the “salad” was basically mayonnaise with an egg, the burger didn’t have bread and well..the desert was good. And when we left the restaurant around 4h i just felt like making myself puke just to feel better. lovely image i know.

that was the first restaurant, nice time eating with friends anyway, eventhough i have no clue who those 2 guys are…

Today, lunch with 14 other people in a restaurant named Gabriel. The place was really cosy, the Tinto de Verano was fresh and nice, the goat cheese/apple salad was amazing, the spinash crêpe was delicious and the small “i can’t remember what it was made of“cake for desert was yummy yummy. And i left the place feeling really good. Not full. Just satisfied. The lunch menu was 12 euros. 

One thought on “Life is too short, never underestimate the power of 2 euros

  1. The lunch at the restaurant named Gabriel sounds delicious. The two guys eating with you and your friends look very happy. I’m sure I would feel happy too having a yummy lunch with such a pretty group of women!

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