Life is too short, spend quality time with the family

Most of you already know that in my mom’s family, we don’t really celebrate Xmas. We have another tradition. On the first weekend of December we  meet (the whole 28 of us) at my grandparents place to celebrate Saint Nicolas. It’s what we all wait for all year long. It’s just the best weekend of the year.

Quality time with my family that weekend means:

  • cooking together and eating a LOT

  • shopping in the only clothes store of the village
  • freezing our asses off to enjoy the parade and the fireworks

  • organizing a family vote for the election  Miss France (we never get it right)
  • Finding beds for every cousins (most of the time you end up sharing with more than 1 person)

  • waking up early and pile up on our grandpa’s bed to sing (bad)


  • queuing in the hall lined up according to age (starts to be unfair cause the younger guys don’t seem to stop growing)

  • entering the living room whose floor is now made of presents

  • opening presents !

  • eating some more
  • trying on the clothes, playing with the games

  • going to my aunt and oncle to eat some more
  • digestive 3 min walk

  • leaving and starting the count down for next year 😦

2 thoughts on “Life is too short, spend quality time with the family

  1. find your shoes
    find paper to cover your present (finish with newspaper/PQ/…)
    make up with lili
    fight to be the first to the shower
    not vomit
    “c est toi la tape”

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