Life is too short, even bad movies can teach you something.

SPOILER ALERT, if you read that and were planning on seing New Year’s eve : 1) Don’t read this post 2) Don’t go

So I always assumed movies were made to inspire. (and to make money).

One Tuesday Älskling and i went to see New Year’s Eve. I know, i know, quite easy, but i remember how much i had enjoyed Love Actually and it seemed to be kinda similar, bringing all those famous actors together to make something fun for the holidays.

But that was underestimating american’s passion for long life-teaching speeches and clichés.
I had omitted the fact that Richard Curtis was british and that Gary Marshall was american, and that changes everything apparently.

To be brief, i thought New Year’s Eve sucked. Big time. It was boring, there was far too many charachters to actually get time to get to “know” them, and for most couples, there were no chemistry whatsoever. Oh and Kutcker and Efron as bests friends and roomates? Please ! They are 12 years appart !

But it still gave me something to thing about: Are movies recreating real life romantic moments or do WE creat these moments after having seeing them in romantic movies? In other words, what came first, the chicken or the egg?

I mean, the scene in the elevator with Kutcher and the Glee girl. Who acts like that seriously?
The story between tuxedo guy and Carry Bradshow lady? Who does that? Who postpones happiness for a year?

Is there something wrong with me?
Is it weird that when (if) im stuck in an elevator with a guy, i’m never gonna start singing or pretend that it’s midnight so we can kiss.
Is it weird that when i meet a guy i really like i’m never gonna tell him “let’s see if you still think about me next year” and disappear.
But i still consider myself a romantic person…so where’s the line? Who decides?  Gary, Richard, or us?

As for real life, New Year’s eve rock. Sometimes real life is just better.


One thought on “Life is too short, even bad movies can teach you something.

  1. ooh je suis trop decu je voulais y aller…en meme temps je te connais. t t surement ds ta phase “je hai les films americains fait pour faire du pognon (avatar)”

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