Life is too short, it’s never too late to discover your abilities

I haven’t been a really good blogger lately…it’s not that i don’t have time. I just don’t have anything to write about. All i do lately is looking for jobs.

But sometimes, when i get crazy tired of it and i’ve already been to the gym, i cook. Can you believe it? Me neither.
And i realized that i could totally cook something eatable. Something verygood even.

So far, i have made a really tasty burgers from scratch (even the bread!), chocolate fondants with white chocolate sauce and raspberries, 2 pies with carots, ham and goat cheese, a white chocolate/dark chocolate pie for our Friday 13th movie night and just yesterday, little raspberry jam cookies ! Very yummy.

And i’m not gonna stop here. I’m actually starting to enjoy this. Just need to find a way to work a bit faster and to not transform the kitchen into a warzone.

The only problem i can see now is…who’s gonna eat all that?


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