Life is too short, read.

  • Wooa. I haven’t had anything to say in ages. False.
  • I thought that being kinda free lately (that is to say unemployed), i would have had plenty of time to write. False.

I guess being unemployed was “fun” for 2 and a half minutes thinking of all the things i could finally do. Until i realized it wasn’t that fun to have no constraints whatsoever. It’s a challenge actually. You have to set your own constraints so the slacker in you doesn’t wake up and take over.

Anyhow, the first 3 weeks have been tough and i haven’t read or wrote much. Which sucks since they are two things i really enjoy doing. The thing is, i feel guilty every minutes i’m not searching for jobs or writting cover letters.
But this week i was i Paris with the family and i treated myself with a book. A book i had started month ago but being in Swedish i had decided to set it aside while i was in Spain. Now i’ve started it again and i “fell into it”.

It’s not often that i find a book that i can’t put away eventhough it’s 2am and i’m falling asleep, a book i read while walking in the subway, a book i can’t wait to go home to. A book you’re scared to finish cause it means you have to say goodbye to the characthers who kinda became part of your life. This one is one of them.


That’s the title in Swedish for some reason, “The help” in english or “la couleur des sentiments” in french.


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