Life is too short, let’s assess.

what is it that when you work you have so much on your mind, so many ideas, projects, so much you wanna do but never have time to do, and that when you have all the time in the world you find yourself totally confused about what to do? 

I came to realize that i hate doing nothing when nothing is all i have to do. 
I’m not challenged anymore and that brings out the worst of me. That would be insecurity, doubts and irritability.
I’m not bored i’m just confused. Having a lot of time gives you a lot of time to think about the fact that you have a lot of time and that’s scary.
Even going to the gym, writting or reading which are things i love doing don’t seem as attractive to me now that i could litteraly spend the day at the gym with a book.
Conclusion: the less you do, the less you’re gonna wanna do.
Solution:  Ponte las pilas !  Get yourself movin!

2 thoughts on “Life is too short, let’s assess.

  1. ¡Ánimo! 🙂 I went through this when I decided to stay in Sweden: suddenly I had all the time I wanted to do aaaall those things I always wanted to do: write, read, watch movies, work out more, study swedish, meet friends more often…but the days were passing and I didn´t do any of those things…because I had no motivation to fo any of them. In some way, there was a time in which I was waiting for a miracle to happen and give me that motivation. But that miracle didn´t come. I realised that I was the one in charge of looking for that motivation, no matter where. And one day I found myself full of that illusion and motivation to do all those things I always wanted to do and…suddenly all the free time I have is not enough anymore! I have to say that this process it´s being really good for me, I´m becoming more organized and I´m learning to prioritize and be more efficient. So…make a schedule and fill in the gaps with all the things you want to do (and DO all of them). Y aprovecha este tiempo, disfrútalo. Pronto tendrás un trabajo y echarás de menos esta paz y libertad de hacer lo que te apetece. Un beso fuerte. Rocío

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