Life is too short, dance!

Oh those Swedes !

It’s called Lunch Beat Sthlm, it started here in 2010.On Tuesday, my friends and i went dancing during our lunchbreak.

It takes place every month in different places, this time it was at Kulturhuset, the time before that it was in the basement of the royal castle !

You come with 100sek, get a sandwich, a banana and water, the DJ starts playing at 12h and won’t stop till 13h. So you just dance, dance, dance all you can.

It was a bit surreal, a bit weird, a lot of fun.
We got out of there around 13h15 and the daylight suprized us.

We all went back to our lives. For my part, i went back to bed, it maybe wasn’t such a good idea to go out to dance my ass off, being sick :-/


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