“Joey, It’s Estelle !” *

February 23rd, very very early in the morning was born Estelle, Sylvia, Ewa, Mary. Future Queen of Sweden.

It was so weird and somehow fascinating for me to follow this major event. I woke up and on every channel all i could

see was the Prince repeating the same thing over and over again. “It’s a princess“.

From there, every journalists in Sweden started to speculate about the name that we would only learn the following day due to a crazy and slitely ridiculous protocole according to which the prime minister and 2 other persons are supposed to “approve” the child. They basically take a good look at it and say “yeah, i saw it, it’s a baby“.  Then the king holds a press conference in the Castle where he tells the world (ok, Sweden) what her title will be and finally her names.

Anyhow, conclusion for this quite useless post, i realized that i was pretty hooked up on this Royal Swedish soap opera. I need a job.

*Life is still too short and only”Friends” fan will get that title.


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