Life is too short, make new with old !

woo so proud of myself. (no i didn’t get a job yet, let’s not get over ourselves)

But i have my reasons:

– on Saturday we went to 2 of my good friends’ house warming party, and i had made chocolate/mango cupcakes 🙂
Being always extremely confused when it comes to ml/dl/gr… I had kinda messed up with the measurements for the topping and had a whole bowl of mango/mascarpone left over.


So on Sunday i though, what’s the hell, Cripsin always manages to do stuff with stuff, without even picking at a recipe, i can do it to !  So i turned the topping into the cake, added a bit of white chocolate and made a new raspberry topping. I impatiently stared at the oven for 15 min and what came out of it wasn’t bad at all ! it’s actually super good !!!


– the same day i happened to run 10k at the gym. Just like that. That had not happened since August 2011, i’m back in the race Baby !

2 thoughts on “Life is too short, make new with old !

  1. the first ones were amazing and the new ones look just WOW !
    And I think that the “make new with old ” works in a broader sense too : our group, with “old” components (like….me, you, Marion and the guy, PB.. ;P) and the new ones : Ben, Rocio, the girls from the bokcirkel =)
    This means keeping a great and well-known basis, and spicying up the whole thing with some new ingredients, and lots of fun, new experiences : just getting more and more awesome. Just as your cupcakes.
    Isn’t life great ?!

    And for the 10k, since the weather’s getting better , I think we should soon become to train some more together and run some 10k on weekends 😛 (and continue the day with a brunch.)
    PUSS !

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