Life is too short, comfort yourself

As you all may know, looking for a job sucks. It’s stressfull and boring. You first think it’s cool to get so much free time but you soon realize it’s pretty tough to actually enjoy it.

I try to keep myself busy. My main activities lately, appart from looking for jobs of course, are going to the gym and baking. Both of them, in there own way, make me feel so much better, allow me to clear my mind, concentrate or something else than the fact that i don’t have a job, and make me proud and feel good about myself, most of the time.

My latest accomplishement at the gym i already shared with you, but here comes my latest accomplishement foodwise: chocolate cake with raspberry ganache. YUMMY.


 I really prefer baking than cooking salty stuff, im not sure why but i just don’t seem to be as sucessful in that area. Yesterday  night i tried the salmon pie recipe my friend Rocio gave me, älskling wanted to add spinash…but it didn’t turn out as good as Rocio’s one 😦
Maybe it’s because we don’t own her adorable plates !


Yesterday was “Woman’s Day”. Whatever that means. I’m not sure i get it and i’m not sure i agree. Actually i don’t really care much. But it gave älskling the idea to buy something nice to drink so why not 😉


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