Life is too short, run for your life !


On Sunday morning my friend Cindy and i put on our brand new running clothes and enjoyed our very first “outside run” of the year. Yeah for the shortest winter ever !

It was sunny and running by the water is such a kick ! Even the cold wind, and the few patches of ice didn’t manage to stop us and we ran our 10k before rewarding ourselves with a well deserved Sunday brunch.

I’ve been writting a lot about my “new” found passion for running and hitting the gym in general, but after Madrid i have to admit i had a tough time starting over. I didn’t feel “it” anymore. Whatever “it” is: a mix of motivation, positive self estime and challenging spirit. I’m happy to let you know it’s back ! I’m so excited i wanna go running again right now.  Which  i can’t cause i have to watch my hip and knees.

Anyway, last summer i trained hoping i would manage to run a 10k, today i ran it for fun. So what does that teach us? A world of possibilites is opening before me.

And that’s exatctly the kind of spirit i need right now. Positive thinking. That’s why i love it so much, it works on both your body and your mind. 🙂


2 thoughts on “Life is too short, run for your life !

  1. je v prendre mes vac en mai..dc on se voit ma vieille!!trop hate!t’as lr d avoir tellement changer!

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