Life is too short, haz el sueco!

There is a saying in spanish that goes: “Hacer el sueco” (doing the swede)  which means that you’re pretending not to hear someone either asking for help or pointing out that you’re doing something wrong. It made me laugh a lot when i lived in Madrid (mostly cause Im not swedish i guess).
But for me “Hacer el sueco” as a totally diferent meaning. It would be: “stand against a wall, facing the sun, eyes closed. Stay.”

Spring is here ! It must be ! My friend JP disagree and says it’s gonna snow again. I do not accept that pessimistic point of view. It’s been so sunny the last few days, and i would even say “warm”, ok “warmer”. 10 degres yesterday afternoon ! That’s when i decided it was time for me to “Hacer el sueco” and I had a fika with myself in the sun. It felt awesome.

It’s also time to say goodbye to my beloved snow boots. Thank God for them, well for Mom who gave them to me actually. First time in my life i didn’t suffer from cold feet during the whole winter.  See you next year my precious!

On a “cooking note”, yesterday i tried a “goat cheese/bacon/walnut cake” and it wasn’t bad at all 🙂

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