Life is too short, open the golden box

Today started “blaaaaa“.

First: got to the cycling class at 6.45 am and once i was sitting there on the worst comfortable bike seat ever made i realized i really couldn’t do this. I just did not want to. I did not have the energy. I felt almost sick, plus, to my disapointement, my hip is still hurting from last Sunday’s run. Anyway, i just bailed. 😦  not so good for your self estime.

Then: i walked for 1hour to the Crossroads center were i’m a volonteer every now and then and help with languages or whatever then need. Well, seems like they just didn’t need me today.  So after 20 min i just walked back home. Depressing. Even as a volonteer, i’m not needed. :-/

and to finish: the flash on my camera seems to have given up on me and refuses to open 😦

But when i got home, i hade 2 letters and a package waiting for me ! From Crispin !  The best of the sisters !
It was a square box covered in a shiny/goldish paper. After removing it i realized it must have been a survival blanket (she studies to be a doctor).

And in the box… aaaaah, lots of tiny treasures and sweet messages !! It made me so happy i almost cried !

What a nice day it turned out to be 🙂 

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