Life is too short, London is too awesome

Last Sunday älskling and I flew to Stansted for a wonderfly sunny 4 day weekend.  I’ve always really liked London, from the first time i stepped out of the Eurostar when i was 17. It’s busy, it’s big, it’s british. But i think this time i just fell IN LOVE.  4th time is a charm i guess.
We walked like CRAZY, i love to walk and i usually never complain, there are no better way to discover a city, but this time, i have to admit my legs and feet were starting to give up. We were super lucky to get to stay at my friend’s place in Notting Hill, damn i love this place ! We’ve seen quite a lot, some new like the travel book store from the movie 😉 and some old but somhow, i can never get tired of Picadilly Circus or Big Ben 😉

Of course we spent hours in the M&M’s world and got to meet Blue and Green !

and went to see Billy Elliot !! It was my very first musical and i loved it !
Food wise i got so excited i think this will need it’s own post later.  And the best of it, it was sunny and warm the whole time !

 ♥ Notre petite escapade à Londres avec älskling fut un veritable succés ! Quatre jours de marche sous le soleil, avec quelques pauses gastronomiques evidement ! Nous avons bien sûre passé des heures chez M&M’s world et nous avons vu Billy Elliot, ma première comédie musicale !! Super ! En plus, nous avons eu la chance d’être logé par une amie qui vit à 2 pas de Notting Hill, decidement mon quartier préféré ! Je pense que la partie gastronomique mérite son propre post. ♥


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